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About Dr. Ciolino

Dr. Josette M. Ciolino, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, (PSY18122) 

I am dedicated to the health and happiness of every singe patient.  I believe that we are all susceptible to mental health problems in our lives.  My goal is to help individuals, children, and families return to healthy functioning. Taking pride in providing each patient with excellent treatment, I tailor therapy to a client's specific issues and life circumstances. Viewing each individual as a part of a larger system (family, school/work, relationships), I treat the entire system in order to get at the root of the problem. Patients have often described me as "easy to open up to", "accepting", and "non-judging." My personal goal is to make each individual feel understood and supported as they courageously engage in a relationship that will help them positively achieve change in their lives. I have been certified as an expert witness and can testify as such.
Personal statement:
"I believe that every individual is a whole and healthy being. Trauma that occurs in childhood or later in life creates a block that makes one feel less than whole and far from healthy. Because of this, anxiety, depression, addictions to substances, food, and other destructive behaviors become a way of coping. My goal is to help my clients restore the feeling of wholeness and well-being by providing a safe, supportive and nurturing environment in which they can work through difficult issues and restore their true selves."

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